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Documentary portfolio
by CaRoJo

Fonds Slachtofferhulp

In collaboration with WTFFF!? we created an impact campaign against online sexual abuse. We photographed victims of online shaming and organized a workshop where they could express their emotions and feelings on their own portraits. It's a campaign to create awareness about this important subject and to stop victim blaming.

Besides the workshop we created a serie where ambassador of WTFFF!? Linda de Munck talks to Gen Z about online sexual abuse. What is sexual abuse, have they ever experienced something like this in their environment and what would they do if something happened to themself? This episode is the first one out of a serie of 4 which we will produce later this year.

WTFFF!? Workshop

WTFFF!? - Workshop dag
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WTFFF!? Vind Jij!?

WTFFF!? Vind Jij!?
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